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Anatomy Masterclass Series: Move Like A Human

Anatomy Masterclass Series

Move like a Human
Saturday 8h June 2019 | 1:30pm – 3:30pm | $75 p.p
Move the way you are designed to move.

The human structure is a masterpiece. An organic creation capable of profound movement. So, why do we move like robots? Isolated movement and looking at the body as isolated parts. When we understand the design we can learn how to move like a human, with flow and synergy.

In this masterclass we will look at:AMS - Movement

  • Three components of being in a human body
  • How to support the structure
  • The central pivot point
  • Letting go and holding on
  • Flow

The session will start with a short theory based introduction, followed by a 60 min masterclass and time for Q&A’s.

Anatomy Masterclass Series: Core Fundamentals

Anatomy Masterclass Series

Core Fundamentals
Saturday 4th May 2019 | 1:30pm – 3:30pm | $75 p.p
Develop a true understanding of what supports you.

Stabilising the core is vital in all movement. To create a strong central pillar and support the outer structure. To allow power in sports without compromise. To support the back and improve posture.  But what is true core function? Are the crunches you’re doing enough?

In this Masterclass we will look at:AMC - Core

  • The difference between the deep core and outer core muscles
  • Stabilisers versus movers
  • The central pillar
  • Pelvic floor function and activation
  • Applying core stability in yoga

The session will start with a short theory based introduction, followed by a 60min masterclass and a time for Q&A’s.

Anatomy Masterclass Series: Back It Up

Anatomy Masterclass Series

Back It Up
Saturday 6th April 2019 | 1:30pm – 3:30pm | $75 p.p
Practical awareness of back care in movement classes

Of course we know how fantastic yoga is for our wellbeing. It tones muscles, improves flexibility and encourages a mindful awareness. But the opportunity for injury does exist. With repetitive patterns of movement as in flows (etc.), plus unilateral positions like warriors and lunges, the concern for back issues arises regularly. An awareness on how to stay safe and keep participants safe will ensure a pain free experience and a long and happy yoga journey!

This masterclass is great for anyone participating or teaching yoga.

In this masterclass we will look at:AMC Back It Up

  • The anatomical structure of the back and pelvis and how this relates to postures
  • Transitions and the danger zone!
  • SI joint care and pelvic positioning in key postures
  • Core support

The session will start with a short theory based introduction, followed by a 60 min masterclass and a time for Q&A’s.

Sowing the seeds of intention with Devananda (Dee) and Sankalpa (Wendy)

Winter is the perfect time to go inside, clarify where we’re at and cultivate what we want to move towards or manifest within ourselves or our lives. In Yoga we call this a Sankalpa – a personal resolve or intention.

Join us Thursday 12th of July for an evening of identifying and developing your own personal power.  This 2.5hr session will allow you to internally access what is truly important to you and leave with an embodiment of this.

Who is this for?

  • Anyone who is regularly practicing the art of Yoga Nidra and wants to clearly define their intention for the practice.
  • Those who want to cultivate change/create shift  in their life and are uncertain in which direction or what aspect is best worked on.
  • Those delivering Yoga Nidra who want clarity/expansion on this aspect of the practice.