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Living In Gratitude Day Retreat

Living In Gratitude Day Retreat

THIS EVENT IS NOW FULLY BOOKED – waiting list available, please email reception@evolveholisticfitness.co.nz

On the back of a super successful Bali retreat Xime of YogaStop and Wendy of Pranabar present the Living in Gratitude Day Retreat hosted at the centrally located Pranabar. For those who weren’t able to make the sold out Bali retreat, we’ve created a One Day Retreat touching of some of the key sessions practiced in August. It’s also a great opportunity for those who were in Bali to continue on their journey. Join this dynamic, power duo as they guide you through a day of sessions to aid you towards living in gratitude.

What’s on the schedule:

  • Yoga session
  • Yoga Nidra session
  • Two Living in Gratitude focused workshops
  • Meditation talk and guided session
  • Light breakfast and lunch included

To register email reception@evolveholisticfitness.co.nz

Online: Core Fundamentals – Your master-keys to a stronger, stable core

Yogini Ashram and the Kriya Tantra Institute are honored to host this Masterclass with Pranabar founder, Swami Sankalpananda.
Sankalpa is a dedicated Yogini as well as an experienced and highly accomplished teacher in the area of physical functionality in Yoga and we are delighted to have her share this knowledge with us.

Thursday September 19th  7:00pm – 9:00pmPDT (2:00PM Friday 20th NZT)
Golden Soul Yoga & Meditation
15617 Studebaker Road, Norwalk CA
Investment . $30.00 USD
Registration Essential


Stabilizing the core is vital in all movement. A strong core is not just about a flat stomach. Strengthening your core is fundamental for correct posture, back support, alignment and functional movement. In this masterclass workshop you will gain insight in to true core activation with subtle contractions without over-activation of the outer muscles. Understand and implement these practices for core strength that underpin your physicality and your energy. Become more grounded, strong, vital and integrated.

In this Masterclass we will look at:
. The difference between the deep core and outer core
. Stabilisers versus movers
. The central pillar
. Pelvic floor function and activation
. Applying core stability in yoga

Living in gratitude yoga retreat

Living in gratitude yoga retreat

Join us on this 7-day journey that you will never forget.

From magnificent mountains to rugged cliffs, rice plantations and long black sand beaches, it’s no surprise Bali is known as the island of the Gods. There is a sacred and spiritual atmosphere in the Balinese land from sunrise, when local women spiritually greet the new day, right through until sunset.

Retreats are periods spent away from your everyday life. They offer time and space to do something different. More than a holiday, a yoga retreat adds a blend of physical movement, focused breathing, reflection, meditation and lots more, all of which create a more aware and connected self.

Your days will be filled with activities, as well as having free time to just hang by the pool, go exploring, shopping, and enjoy extra spa treatments too. Explore both Canggu, where you can enjoy the Balinese beaches and maybe learn to surf, and Ubud, the yoga capital of Bali with all it has to offer. It is without doubt that Bali has it all – the culture and people, beautiful locations, amazing cuisine, great spas, and world-class healers.

During this retreat you’ll explore the deep and nourishing qualities of gratitude and joy of what is. Being happy is about acknowledging our gratitude for what we have at that moment, for what we have done, for every success we have achieved. We will also offer you lots of tools to connect to your uniqueness, your purpose and what really drives you and lights you up.

You are here, on this earth, for a very specific reason. You were created with intention and have a purpose in life that is entirely unique to you. The difference between simply existing and truly living a life of passion and intent is having clarity on our purpose and understanding, on a deep level, how to flow with the universe instead of against it.

Now is the time for you to take the next step of your journey and break through the limitations that are holding you back from living the life you are meant for…

Canggu-Beach-seminyak-bali-deyiz-2   Gratitude retreat Bali   Ubud rice terrace

Bali is a great place to nourish yourself with some fantastic healing treatments and rejuvenate from the inside out. On leaving the retreat you’ll feel a fresh, calm, clarity that will travel with you back into your everyday life, to re-engage with new skills and a fresh perspective.

Retreat inclusions

  • 4 nights’ stunning accommodation Canggu
  • 3 nights’ stunning accommodation in Ubud
  • A Balinese massage treatment session
  • 2 daily yoga sessions
  • Guided meditation sessions and Pranayama
  • Workshops
  • Breakfast and dinners included
  • A cooking class on Balinese cuisine
  • 7 days of absolute timeless disconnection and pleasure
  • All transfers

Embark on this life-changing experience today and get in touch to secure your spot. We have limited spaces and they will fill up!

Your investment

  • Double occupancy $1985
  • Single occupancy $2480

Facilitator: Sankalpa from Pranabar and Xime Tamburo from Yoga Stop.
Bookings and inquiries: Resversation please contact xime@yogastop.co.nz

Anatomy Masterclass Series: Move Like A Human

Anatomy Masterclass Series

Move like a Human
Saturday 8h June 2019 | 1:30pm – 3:30pm | $75 p.p
Move the way you are designed to move.

The human structure is a masterpiece. An organic creation capable of profound movement. So, why do we move like robots? Isolated movement and looking at the body as isolated parts. When we understand the design we can learn how to move like a human, with flow and synergy.

In this masterclass we will look at:AMS - Movement

  • Three components of being in a human body
  • How to support the structure
  • The central pivot point
  • Letting go and holding on
  • Flow

The session will start with a short theory based introduction, followed by a 60 min masterclass and time for Q&A’s.

Anatomy Masterclass Series: Core Fundamentals

Anatomy Masterclass Series

Core Fundamentals
Saturday 4th May 2019 | 1:30pm – 3:30pm | $75 p.p
Develop a true understanding of what supports you.

Stabilising the core is vital in all movement. To create a strong central pillar and support the outer structure. To allow power in sports without compromise. To support the back and improve posture.  But what is true core function? Are the crunches you’re doing enough?

In this Masterclass we will look at:AMC - Core

  • The difference between the deep core and outer core muscles
  • Stabilisers versus movers
  • The central pillar
  • Pelvic floor function and activation
  • Applying core stability in yoga

The session will start with a short theory based introduction, followed by a 60min masterclass and a time for Q&A’s.

Essential Oils for Mood and Sleep

Essential Oils for Mood and Sleep

Whether you are looking for assistance for sleep, want to create a calm and peaceful space, need some uplifting or want to deepen your meditation, an essential oils blend can instantly change your mood. Come along to learn more and received a personalised spray blend to use in the session and take home.

In this session you will learn
– How to improve your sleep patterns
– How to get into a deeper meditative state
– How to create a calm environment
– How to raise your mood and energy levels.

This session will be facilitated by Wendy Vermeulen and Violet Honeyfield. Wendy draws on 30yrs of experience working in the field of wellbeing, yoga and life coaching. Violet brings a passion and wealth of knowledge on essential oils and their benefits and properties.
You will get the opportunity to create your own spray elixir which you can use in our yoga nidra session at the end of the session.
Cost is $25 and includes one personalised blend of your choice which you can use in the session and get to take away (additional sprays can be made for $10)

Anatomy Masterclass Series: Back It Up

Anatomy Masterclass Series

Back It Up
Saturday 6th April 2019 | 1:30pm – 3:30pm | $75 p.p
Practical awareness of back care in movement classes

Of course we know how fantastic yoga is for our wellbeing. It tones muscles, improves flexibility and encourages a mindful awareness. But the opportunity for injury does exist. With repetitive patterns of movement as in flows (etc.), plus unilateral positions like warriors and lunges, the concern for back issues arises regularly. An awareness on how to stay safe and keep participants safe will ensure a pain free experience and a long and happy yoga journey!

This masterclass is great for anyone participating or teaching yoga.

In this masterclass we will look at:AMC Back It Up

  • The anatomical structure of the back and pelvis and how this relates to postures
  • Transitions and the danger zone!
  • SI joint care and pelvic positioning in key postures
  • Core support

The session will start with a short theory based introduction, followed by a 60 min masterclass and a time for Q&A’s.

Pranabar Open Day

Pranabar Open Day

Pranabar Open Day
Saturday 23rd February 2019
32 Bath Street, Parnell

Pranabar is a modern meditation and yoga studio located in Parnell, Auckland. A space to learn, to experience, to connect and to grow through guided meditation, yoga and wellness sessions.

We invite you to Pranabar on Saturday 23rd February for our fun and welcoming Open Day! Experience the many yoga, meditation and wellness sessions we have on offer, view the studio and meet our friendly Pranabar community.

Open Day Schedule*

8:00am – 9:30am Yoga by Ashram (bookings required for this session via Mindbody or email)
9:30am – 10:15am Find out about Ashram Yoga
10:15am – 10:45am Find out about Pranabar classes and offerings
11:00am – 11:30am Yoga flow (fascia focused movement)
11:30am – 12:00pm Yoga fusion (Pilates, Core, yoga, kettle bells)
12:00pm – 12:45pm Yoga traditional (intention setting)+ meditation
1:00pm – 1:45pm Break, snacks and mingle
2:00pm – 2:30pm Kundalini Yoga
2:30pm – 3:15pm  Tibetan Yoga and sound bath with  Brian Berneman
4:30pm Kirtan with Ashram Yoga

*subject to changes

Pranabar – 32 Bath Street, Parnell
All sessions are free on Saturday 23rd February
Enquiries: hello@pranabar.nz | Wendy 021 106 5961

Parking: As guests will be arriving throughout the day, we ask that you please keep the driveway clear on Saturday 23rd February. There is plenty of nearby street parking, as well as a parking building located on the corner of Parnell and Garfield Streets. If taking public transport, we recommend hoping off at the stop nearest to MINK Café, Parnell Road, less than 5 minutes’ walk from Pranabar.

New Year, New You

Do you find you wait for the new year to arrive to create nourishing healthy choices? And after a few weeks or a month(s) they fall to the side? Do you feel overwhelmed with upcoming responsibilities and financial pressures?

We have developed New year New you, because we believe, Why wait? Why was until the new year to start those positive habits? We believe in finishing the year on a positive note! Rather than a binge fest leaving you feeling negative about yourself.

This is a five week course. Starting with a free Webinar session on the 15th of December 2018 @ 1pm to 2:30pm with Nadia from Movement4Health and Wendy from Pranabar NZ.

With an options of 19th of January for live, in person session with both beautiful ladies. Setting intentions and implementing tools to achieve your desired 2019!

The Cost:
– single person booking $80
– double booking (two people) $130

This includes a Eco friendly note book and pen. Along with a goodies bag.

For bookings and inquires please email reception@evolveholisticfitness.co.nz


Zen Men (W6)

Zen Men

A 6 week course especially for men, covering yoga, stress management and mindfulness. Each week we will build on a yoga practice, as well as introduce useful techniques and topics to assist in viewing life with fresh eyes.

In these sessions we will cover postures and Yoga stretches that are specifically useful for men. Learn how simply changing your breathing can change the way you feel. And look at changing perspective on key aspects in life.

This could be the game changer…give it a go!

Mondays 6:30pm – 8:00pm
Pranabar – 32 Bath Street
Session six  – 5th Nov

Intro price – $135 for the full 6 week bock (or $25 per drop in session)

Registation and inquiries: hello@pranabar.nz