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New Year, New You

Do you find you wait for the new year to arrive to create nourishing healthy choices? And after a few weeks or a month(s) they fall to the side? Do you feel overwhelmed with upcoming responsibilities and financial pressures?

We have developed New year New you, because we believe, Why wait? Why was until the new year to start those positive habits? We believe in finishing the year on a positive note! Rather than a binge fest leaving you feeling negative about yourself.

This is a five week course. Starting with a free Webinar session on the 15th of December 2018 @ 1pm to 2:30pm with Nadia from Movement4Health and Wendy from Pranabar NZ.

With an options of 19th of January for live, in person session with both beautiful ladies. Setting intentions and implementing tools to achieve your desired 2019!

The Cost:
– single person booking $80
– double booking (two people) $130

This includes a Eco friendly note book and pen. Along with a goodies bag.

For bookings and inquires please email reception@evolveholisticfitness.co.nz