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Biohackers Day

Biohacking is a term that can cover a broad range of ‘hacks’. Ways to optimise human potential. In our BIOHACKERS DAY we will share how you can optimise your vitality through ….

  • Kundalini and energy shifting yoga;
  • Changing your body chemistry with breath work;
  • Tapping into your autonomic nervous system through mindset, breathing and cold exposure;
  • Learning to overcome reaction rather than responding to your outer environment;
  • And find out from leaders in the field about the latest research in biotech, nutrition, cell biology and much more.

Our BIOHACKERS DAYS have had a huge impact on those who have attended. Gaining tools and insights that have life changing effects on sleep, vitality, performance and longevity.

If you are looking to optimise your health, improve brain function, regulate body composition and learn about the latest findings and research in human potential, then we will see you at our next BIOHACKERS DAY!

Sunday 1st of March
8:00am – 1:00pm
$120 per person (Includes bullet coffee, workshops and ice bath)

To book email hello@pranabar.nz

Pranabar Biohackers half day retreat

Biohacking Retreat Day

Pranabar Biohackers Half Day Retreat
Sunday 4th August, 8:00am – 1:00pm

– Kundalini yoga with Baldev Kaur (Justina)
– Bulletproof coffee break with BiohackerNZ
– Biohacking talk with Trudy Northcott of TrustbyTrudy
– Breath works and ice bath session with Wendy Vermeulen of Pranabar

Explore the realm of biohacking with us through a day of guided sessions. Biohacking is a term made popular by Dave Asprey, the inventor of Bulletproof coffee and more, and can be described as ‘a systems-thinking approach to our biology’. This August we delve deeper into the many studies, tools and talks to discover youngering and biohacking.

Begin with a powerful energy shifting Kundalini yoga session with Kundalini teacher Baldev Kaur, where you’ll stimulate the central nervous system, awakening the Prana or life force within.
“Kundalini yoga is said to be ‘the science, art and technology which enables you to access and utilise your own creative power for elevation of consciousness, healing and self-empowerment.’(kundaliniyoga.org.uk)”

Follow with a bulletproof coffee break with BiohackersNZ, where you’ll also have time to chat with the group on your Kundalini session as well as the science behind and benefits of bulletproof coffee.

After the break we’ll begin our biohacking deeper dive session with guest speaker Trudy Northcott of TrustbyTrudy.

Closing off our day of biohacking exploration, we’ll end with a breath work and ice bath session with Pranabar facilitator Wendy Vermeulen. Drawing inspiration from the works of the Wim Hoff Method, we’ll discuss mind tools, breath work and cold exposure before taking the plunge.

Join us this August as we dive deeper in to the community of biohacking!

Half Day Retreat | $120 Per Person | Bookings Essentials: reception@evolveholisticfitness.co.nz

The Happiness Hackers Retreat

The Happiness Hackers Retreat

Happiness is your birthright – Joy. Expansion. Love. 

Do you want more lightness in your life? More joy?  More happiness?
In this retreat we will share tools to ‘hack your happiness’, simple tools and techniques that change your mindset and state of being. Both ancient and modern techniques that truly work.

An all-inclusive retreat with delicious vegetarian meals, pieceful accommodation and daily sessions. Plus options to book a massage or use the sauna facilities in your free time.

Included in your retreat:

  • Daily yoga led by Swami Sankalpananda, Swami Yogamani and Baldev Kaur. Some of NZ’s top yoga teachers
  • Deep guided meditation and breath work sessions to shift your state
  • Workshops on visualisation and intention. Understanding how we draw our reality to us
  • Q&A session with Yogamani and Sankalpananda – a chance to dig a little deeper
  • Kundalini yoga session with Baldev Kaur. Experience her powerful energy shifting practice
  • Movie night
  • Divine nourishing meals
  • Sauna and spa time
  • Forest bathing
  • Reflection time and more!

Hack your happiness and find your joy.

Your investment in happiness is only $490 all inclusive
Early bird $420 when booked and paid by April 26th!

The Happiness Hackers Retreat
24th – 26th May 2019
Aio Wira Retreat Centre, Waitakere, Auckland

Bookings and enquiries: reception@evolveholisticfitness.co.nz
(Terms and condition apply. Early bird rate applies to bookings paid in full by Friday 26th April. A non-refundable deposit of $150 is required to secure your space with final full payment for all bookings due by Friday 17th May. Shared rooms. All meals are vegetarian.)

Lead Facilitator:

Wendy Vermeulen (Sankalpananda) has over 30 years’ experience in the health, wellness and movement realm and brings practical knowledge and understanding from having worked with thousands of bodies in her career. Having been a fitness coach, Pilates teacher, instructor of many class styles and a deeply devoted Yoga teacher, Wendy not only brings the practical ‘know how’ but ongoing study and qualifications to back her work.

It is her insatiable appetite to learn and expand that continues to evolve her teachings. Over the last five years she has been delving into the learnings of Fascia; studying with one of the world leaders in Fascia studies, Dr Robert Schleip, and neuroscience, studying with teachers such as Dr Joe Dispenza, Dr Bruce Lipton and many inspirational scientists. Bridging the gap between the esoteric and the scientific realm. Her latest studies delve into the fascinating world of Bio Hacking! Understanding advanced techniques, hacks and nutritional tips to truly affect your cells and overall biology. With this knowledge we can support our selves to truly show up as our best selves!

Sankalpanada’s approach is to bring in the awareness of the multi-dimensional aspect of our existence in a fun and down to earth way.

Retreat Facilitators:

At our Happiness hackers retreat we have brought together a power group who all walk their talk and have powerful tools to share.

Swami Yogamani Saraswati is one of Aucklands best loved yoga teachers with well over three decades of experience in traditional yoga. She will share some of the ancient tools that are even more relevant today. Through Yoga, breath work, meditation and yoga Nidra, Yogamani will guide you to a truly blissful state.

Baldev Kaur (Justina) is an experienced Kundalini yoga teacher who, as a fulltime working mother, knows how important it is to find balance and have some tricks up your sleeve to maintain a high vitality. Kundalini yoga is a powerful practice that shifts energy, raises your vitality and leaves you feeling empowered!

During the Happiness Hackers Retreat you will get the opportunity to meet these amazing teachers, experience a variety of practices that truly work and discover tools to truly hack your happiness.


Introduction to Kundalini with Erin O’Hara

Erin at Golden Yogi

Are you curious about Kundalini Yoga but nervous to give it a go? Or do you want to explore meditation, chanting, and breath techniques. This introduction to Kundalini Yoga workshop is a great way to learn about the practice of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation and develop a understanding of this style of yoga.


  • A little background and history about Kundalini Yoga and how it differs from other styles of yoga.
  • Learn fundamental Kundalini Yoga breath patterns (pranayama), basic asana (postures), mantras (sound / chanting), and use of the bandhas (body locks).
  • Learn about Meditation, the mind, and meditation tools.
  • Experience a Gong Bath sound healing for relaxation.