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New Moon Circle- Auckland

New Moon Circle

Held by Mish – Circle Leader with The Wild Woman Project

“Welcome sister,

For the New Moon in Aquarius we will be journeying through the 11th House of the Zodiacs- Friendships, Hopes and Wishes. I invite you to circle with us and explore this beautiful phenomenon we call friendship and how we can honor the souls that we have chosen to share life with, past, present and future. We will visit our hopes and wishes and look at how we are honoring them in our everyday life.

Every month, as part of The Wild Woman Project’s theme ‘Tiny Revolutions’ , we take a deeper look at how we show up as individuals in the different realms of experience or life areas covered by the twelve Houses of the Zodiacs. For the February New Moon, we will look at the friendships we have in our life, what they mean to us and what we want/ need from our friendships.

Whether it be a best friend, a group of friends, a new friend, old friend or an acquaintance, these are the people we have chosen to support, love, cherish, laugh, cry and do life with.. so how are we showing up in our friendships? How are our friendships supporting us to be the best versions of ourselves or how aren’t they? How are our friends encouraging our hopes and wishes and us, theirs? These are all questions we will explore in a variety of ways throughout the night.

Just like within a friendship, our women’s circle’s offer a space to be completely yourself. We create a nurturing, safe and supportive circle where you can be heard, held and cherished for all that you are.

The New Moon is the time that we go inwards and set intentions for the month ahead. The night will include:
-Embodiment practices
Embodiment practice
-Conscious connection and sharings with other women
-Intention setting ritual for the lunar phase ahead
-Oracle cards
-A creative activity to help set in our intention

****Bring a Friend Deal: $50 for 2 women**** (PM me on FB at Bliss Gatherings with names and pay cash on the night)

Other Information: Please bring a journal, some water and come in something comfortable. Cushion is provided, you’re more than welcome to bring a blanket to herb extra comfy if you wish 🙂 “

Thank you and can’t wait to see you in circle!
Mish xxx

New Year, New You

Do you find you wait for the new year to arrive to create nourishing healthy choices? And after a few weeks or a month(s) they fall to the side? Do you feel overwhelmed with upcoming responsibilities and financial pressures?

We have developed New year New you, because we believe, Why wait? Why was until the new year to start those positive habits? We believe in finishing the year on a positive note! Rather than a binge fest leaving you feeling negative about yourself.

This is a five week course. Starting with a free Webinar session on the 15th of December 2018 @ 1pm to 2:30pm with Nadia from Movement4Health and Wendy from Pranabar NZ.

With an options of 19th of January for live, in person session with both beautiful ladies. Setting intentions and implementing tools to achieve your desired 2019!

The Cost:
– single person booking $80
– double booking (two people) $130

This includes a Eco friendly note book and pen. Along with a goodies bag.

For bookings and inquires please email reception@evolveholisticfitness.co.nz