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Living Consciously Retreat

Time seems to be speeding up with pressures mounting across our lives. It is vital that we find some time to reset and find our balance. Our still point within the chaos.  Would you love some time in nature? A moment in stillness. An opportunity to develop a solid and powerful home practice without distractions. Tools to aid you in finding your equilibrium, to truly find harmony in life, no matter what arises?

The Living Consciously Retreat will assist you in finding space, developing your tools and so much more. In just one weekend you can push the reset button, be still, find balance and walk away with tools and techniques to maintain harmony. This retreat is facilitated by a passionate,  knowledgeable duo – Wendy Vermeulen and Xime Tamburo. Together both facilitators will cover various aspects of the retreat and will guide you through your sessions.

Living Consciously Retreat
2nd to 4th July 2021
Aio Wira Retreat Centre

  • Divinely set in the Watakeres (30 min from Auckland CBD)
  • All accommodation and meals included
  • Guided meditation and breathwork sessions plus integrated yoga sessions
  • Stillness and time to reflect, muse and just be

Registrations and enquiries please email: Wendy@evolvholsiticfitness.co.nz

Your contribution:

  • $580 per person, twin share room
  • $700 per person, single room (strictly limited availability)
  • Room upgrade $593 per person, twin share (strictly limited availability)

Living in Gratitude Booster (special edition of yoga in the park)

Yoga In The Park

‘Heart opening Joy’ – Our new and improved Yoga in the Park winter offering is here!
An outdoor session incorporating Yoga, breathwork and meditation, led by inspiring wellness duo Wendy and Xime.

Sunday, 21st of June 2020
9:00am to 10:30am
Dove Myer Robinson Park (Parnell Rose Gardens)
By Koha or Donation on arrival

Note; Please Bring Your Own Yoga Mat and Water Bottle
(we have a limited amount of mats available to borrow on a first in basis)