What Should I Bring?

Comfortable clothing is recommended. You will be sitting in the meditation classes so clothes that don’t cause discomfort or distractions are recommended. For our yoga classes, we recommend comfortable clothes with some stretch. We provide mats but you are welcome to bring your own.

Can Kids Attend Classes?

Our yoga and meditation classes are open to anyone over 14 yrs of age. Kids sessions and workshops are also in the planning.

What Class Would Be Best For Me?

Our classes are suitable for all levels however, you may have some preferences. Please contact us to discuss your needs or book a free 20 min consult.

Why Should I Meditate / Do Yoga?

Mediation and yoga are ancient practices that have many studied benefits. In our time of stimulation and information overload, taking time to be still, to connect and reset has never been more important.

What If I Can't Sit Still Or Have Discomfort?

We have a variety of meditation practices available. We also provide bolsters and meditation chairs to aid comfort. It is not the intention to ‘bully’ yourself into submission. You can move if you are experiencing discomfort. You will find it gets easier to let go of the distraction of the body as you continue your practice.

Why Can't I Stop Thinking?

The mind is like a memory bank. It is constantly collecting data. When we become still, the mind is filtering this data. Memories of the past, plans and hopes for the future are all distractions that pull us out of the present moment. In your meditation practice, we will work with various tools to help keep you in the present moment. We will also explore mediations that use the thoughts to assist the meditation process. And over time, the thoughts will just be there without distraction.

Where Can I Park?

There are 3-4 parks onsite as well as 30 and 60 min street parking. You will also find a pay and display parking building on the corner of Garfield and Parnell Roads.