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Meditation and Yoga have been such a transformative influence in my life. Delving deeply into my own knowing and bliss. It is my desire for everyone to have such an experience. Pranabar offers a space to explore.

Sankalpananda Wendy VermeulenOwner

Improved focus and memory

Meditation can help you focus by increasing blood flow to the cerebral cortex (the area of the brain responsible for healthy attention span).

Decreased physical pain

Numerous studies have shown that meditation may be the ultimate painkiller. Meditation stimulates areas of the brain linked to emotional regulation and focus, which are more powerful than the part of the brain that transmits pain.

It doesn't have to take long

Even a simple awareness of the breath will slow down your racing mind. Taking a few minutes to truly become present will help to reduce stress and get clarity. Even one conscious breath!

Meditation is easy to learn

There are many techniques, and depending on how far down the rabbit hole you want to go, we can offer you a variety of ways to expand and explore. From a simple breath awareness to visualisations, guided relaxations to ancient yogic practices.

Meditation is for everyone

Your mind is like a computer. You need to close down programs sometimes. Defragment and turn off the screen. Everything will function better when you are aware of what programs are running and not too many are open at once!

Why Meditate

Through meditation, inner work and awareness will assist in the manifestation of outer results. Stress reduction, weight loss, improved fitness, well being, relationships and much more. It all starts within.

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Through an accessible guided meditation practice, you will be able to calm your mind, turn inward, and become more grounded.

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